One Small Step

"Beauty is universal," she says. "These doors have to open."-Joan Smalls

That quote was from the upcoming January 2014 issue of Elle Magazine with my favorite model Joan Smalls gracing the cover. The combination is great and a positive step towards more diversity in this crazy fashion industry. 

Calling it "the return of the supermodel," Elle has ditched the familiar irrelevant movie/TV star cover girl for its January issue to feature Smalls. Joan ranks as the No. 1 model in the world, according to

"People hide behind the word aesthetic," she tells Elle. "They say, 'Well, it's just that designer's aesthetic.' But when you see 18 seasons in a row and not one single model outside a certain skin color…? There are people in the industry who are advocates, who support diversity. And there are people who do not. I don't get it."

Amen sister!

I do apologize for the lack of posts, there were a lot of things going on some good, some bad, all busy (I'm not sugar coating anything like other bloggers do, and frankly I just needed time for myself). I am glad to have a break in a few days by heading to Vegas with a few of my close friend's.  I'll be refreshed and ready to take on the rest of 2013!

I hope all of you are well!


Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer


Felt like throwing some inspiration your way this morning featuring two of my favorite models Joan Smalls and Liya Kebede LOL I had to add in this awesome Catwoman sketch too! These shots got me inspired to experiment, laugh a lot, and explore this summer and beyond! White dresses, leather accessories, chained jersey dresses, flowers, and wild hair. The images are badass mixed with sophistication! 

Have a great weekend!