In The Red

Most of my wardrobe is filled with neutrals, so I've been on the search for some pops of color to add this fall. That's why I immediately turned my attention to this vintage red leather pencil skirt from Etsy (for $48!).  The skirt is so comfortable, I see it being a lifesaver for future outfits.   You could never go wrong with red and grey, it's one of my favorite combos! 

Tee: Zoe Karssen, Vintage Red Leather Skirt
Photography by Steve Zak
The week was great, I just finished working Lucky FABB with amazing results. The right outfit and a positive attitude goes a long way, I was fortunate to have both to start the week!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Out on the Weekend

Hey guys!

Once 6:00 hit this past Friday my mind was off work! Everyday for me this week has been go, go, go so I couldn't wait to finally sit back and do absolutely nothing...or absolutely everything this weekend.

Friday night I caught up with my friend Steph, we chatted about work, fashion, boys, and life. We were watching The Knicks/Celtics game. 

She couldn't get over my Iron Man case lol she got a shot of Iron Man during halftime:

Saturday I took it easy it was great for once, I worked out, napped, then met my friend Aiesha to stop at Loveday 31, our favorite vintage spot. I have been eyeing this dress when Loveday posted it on instagram a few days ago:

Ivona the owner of Loveday 31, was nice enough to take the dress down for me to try it on. I didn't want to take it off! I love the 70's vibe, I can rock it with boots or platform sandals. It is the perfect dress for spring/summer hijinks that I am sure to get into.

Aiesha ended up with two items with some urging from me. One was a skater dress, and the other is a sequin top I love the oversize tshirt inspired fit!

We ended up meeting our friend's later at a beer garden nearby. It was an awesome time as always, we laughed, danced, took shots, and watched the game. 


Off to work I go tomorrow but I'm excited for the week ahead: prepping for fall 13 press, shooting resort 13 at the Lower East Side, shooting for the blog, and seeing the Knicks beat the Celtics at the Garden on Wednesday ha!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 


Not-so-sloppy seconds with Etsy Vintage

My recent vintage find is this awesome coat I ordered from Etsy in January, just cost me $22, yes $22!  Those not familiar with Etsy should get familiar with it, it's awesome. 

Etsy is focused on handmade or vintage items. All vintage items must be at least 20 years old. It makes it different from Ebay in regards to what is really vintage or not! 

Prices on Etsy range, which is another reason why I love the site!
Check it out for yourself!