"I wasn't born this way, one creates oneself."-Grace Jones

Flipping through the latest issue of Elle and watching the Star Wars trilogy on a Sunday afternoon. The feeling of joy when scoring a $50 vintage leather skirt on Etsy.  The $1 comic book stand near the movie theater. Pre-ordering that new anti-it bag before it goes to the masses. Planning comic con outfits.  Rsvp’ing for fashion shows and making sure to get the latest issue of Avenger’s vs. X-Men.  Having a bottomless brunch and watching the Giants game. The first purchase at the start of a new season. Archery classes to channel my inner elf.

I am a beautiful tomboy/nerd who loves fashion.

I write this blog for my brother’s & sister’s who exposed me to my passions at such an early age.    

I was born and raised Queens and have been a proud Brooklynite since 2000. Currently, I am a fashion public relations professional and freelance writer.

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