Marvel Superheroes Unite Against Bullying

Hey everyone!

How great are these covers by Marvel comics? In coordination with national anti-bullying group STOMP Out Bullying, Marvel Comics is publishing special variant covers spotlighting the issue.

It makes sense think about the origins of Marvel Superheroes:  Peter Parker was a bookish teenager whose classmates mocked him as "puny Parker." Captain America was too scrawny to pass an Army physical until he took a special serum. Even the ultra-powerful Hulk was once an abused child.

"Many comic book superheroes, and particularly those in the Marvel universe, were victims of bullying, felt isolated, and were ridiculed and shunned as kids and teens," STOMP Out Bullying president Ross Ellis. As a victim of bullying as a child, seeing Marvel partner up with STOMP Out Bullying makes me smile!  Ellis said the covers are designed to raise awareness that October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and to "convey the message that no matter who you are, you can be a superhero in your own right by standing up and taking action by joining the fight to eradicate the bullying and cyber-bullying epidemic." 

One cover, specifically addresses cyber-bullying. It features Medusa, queen of a superhuman race called the Inhumans, who has an unusual superpower: prehensile hair.

The comic books ,will be on  on-sale in October: 

  • Rocket Raccoon #4

  • Guardians of the Galaxy #20

  • Avengers #36

  • Inhuman #7

  • Hulk #7

  • Captain America #25

  • Legendary Star-Lord #4

For more information on STOMP Out Bullying, please check out their site: