NYCC 2017 Recap!

An October tradition for my friends and me is attending New York Comic Con (NYCC).  This is a time when I, and my fellow geeks from the metro area, can escape reality for a few days! The merchandise and cosplays at this year’s New York Comic Con didn’t miss a beat.

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I dug The Big Lebowski and The Professional cosplays the most! Cosplayers dressing up as 90s movie icons? Oh the 90s nostalgia!

A few of my fellow geek gals participated in a ClulessXHarryPotter mashup (shouts to Chavon of Geeky & Creepy for the idea). It was awesome! Yes, that is me being the only Slytherin (a lovable Slytherin) in the group.  The blazer is killah, snagging it on Esty along with the Harry Potter Patch bag from Hot Topic.  I predict there will be more group cosplays in the future for me, including a repeat of this one :) 

ROLLCALL!   Che : Ravenclaw, Kos: Slytherin,  Arkieda : Ravenclaw,  Robyn : Gryffindor,  Isake : Ravenclaw, Christina: Gryffindor,  Akua : Ravenclaw

ROLLCALL! Che: Ravenclaw, Kos: Slytherin, Arkieda: Ravenclaw, Robyn: Gryffindor, Isake: Ravenclaw, Christina: Gryffindor, Akua: Ravenclaw

Photo Oct 06, 4 05 17 PM.jpg


Since I’ve been attending regional comic cons recently, I have become stoked about the panels!  Connecting with fellow geeks on topics that matter: mental health, diversity, and geek journalism, this year at NYCC they didn’t disappoint. A highlight for many was “Fashioning Fiction: The Aesthetics of Fantasy Worlds” panel, which included Geek Girl Brunch co-founder Yissel Ayala. Yissel along with 6 panelists broke down what makes fashion fantastical and how they find inspiration in the real world to clothe the denizens of their imaginary realms.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.05.53 AM.png

Yissel is a visual merchandiser and has a BFA in Women’s Sportswear from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT Alum Woot Woot), she’s has been mentored by Carolina Herrera and studied knitwear at Politecnico Di Milano in Milan, Italy   

I had the opportunity to speak with YIssel after the panel, check it out:
O.C.O: What led you submit for the panel

Y.A: My friend and cheerleader Erica Shultz encouraged me. We'd gotten to know each other through me moderating her panels at New Jersey Comic Expo, so she knew I was beyond capable.  Actually, "encouraged," is an understatement.  She'd regularly e-mail and text me reminders to brainstorm ideas and the panel submission deadline. Ha! She really pushed for me to do this, and for that, I am forever grateful.  

Soon after, I visited my friend Melissa Grey to get her take and bounce ideas off of her over wine (like you do). I knew I had to do something around fashion. Around design  - A subject I'm passionate about, knowledgeable, have credibility in. But, what else? Well, I love books.... It was Melissa that suggested the aesthetics of fantasy worlds. It was pretty perfect. Here I was talking to my published author best friend, so I knew I'd at least have one guaranteed panelist onboard. 

I went home and drafted out some copy, came up with the name, "Fashioning Fiction", had Melissa reply to my e-mail with even better copy, sought out potential panelists with her help, and the panel was born. 

O.C.O: What did you want to teach/accomplish with the panel?

Y.A:  I wanted to talk about fashion for an hour without it becoming as superficial as red carpet coverage before a major awards show.  

When people think of literature, what words spring to mind? Smart. Profound. Classic. How does the average person view fashion? Is it fun? Well, you and I know that. But then there are people who think: "superficial," who don't realize that, "smart," "profound," and, "classic," are all terms that apply to fashion too. 

It was important for me to be able to celebrate fashion as a crucial world-building tool. So, I put a lot of thought and care into my questions and presentation as a whole. Through PowerPoint I created a visual narrative. I told an easy to follow story, first on Literature’s contributions to fashion, citing prominent literary works and designer achievements, which allowed me to dive into the heart of my panel, fashion's very necessary contribution to storytelling. My approach worked. It really fucking worked. 

O.C.O: How'd you come to know your panel mates?

Y.A: They're my friends, and friends of friends. I find already knowing someone makes asking them to be on your panel way easier!

O.C.O: If you could have a follow up panel to this one, what would it focus on?

Y.A: I think I may just do a round 2 of this panel, as I already have some interested parties. It's more than I could've hoped for.

I do like the idea of discussing the great style icons of literature and their influence on modern fashion. Maybe I'll attempt that at BookCon? We'll see!

Follow Yissel on Instagram and Twitter @Thedesignergeek

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As I left New York Comic Con, I could not help but notice the increased attendance from last year!  I learned later that attendance rose to over  200,000 to be exact!!  How awesome is that?!  New York Comic Con continues to get better and better.  I started going in 2013.  Each year I leave the con more confident, inspired, and creative. Until next year!



The Geek Life: Jordandene Fall 17 sneak peak!

Who's ready for the GoT finally on SUNDAY?! What a season! 

One of the most quoted lines is now rad merchandise on Jordandene's site: BE A DRAGON. 

How many times have women of power be referred to as a "dragonlady"?  Being the OG that she is, Olenna reminded us why being strong as a dragon is something we should strive for as women. And now Jordan added the cherry on top, check it out y'all!

Be A Dragon Unisex Tank Top  photo credit Savannah Lauren

Be A Dragon Unisex Tank Top photo credit Savannah Lauren

Be A Dragon Scoop Neck Tee  photo credit Savannah Lauren

Be A Dragon Scoop Neck Tee photo credit Savannah Lauren

Be A Dragon Unisex T-Shirt  photo credit Savannah Lauren

Be A Dragon Unisex T-Shirt photo credit Savannah Lauren

A few weeks ago, Jordan (past WCW post) and founder of Jordandene rounded up a few of us for a fun shoot at the lower east side. Fandoms we modeled included lines from Moana, Beauty & The Beast, Geekerella, The Handmaid's Tale, Agent Carter, Wonder Woman, and of course GoT haha!

This is a sneak peak the rest will be up on Jordandene in the fall! Major SHOUTS to Savannah Lauren for taking such beautiful shots!

Blooper of us talking about GoT :)

Blooper of us talking about GoT :)


This was such a fun experience, thanks for the opportunity Jordan! If you haven't visited her site, DO IT. The collection has something for the geek in all of us!



Staying organized with the Cosplayer App!

Hello peeps!

NY Comic Con is 2 months away! I decided to be more organized this year thanks to my fellow cosplayer slash niece Akua.  Akua gets really into her Cosplay doing great mashups: Darth Vader as a Slytherin student is my personal fav:

Akua as Darth Vader/Slytherin Student, Kimani as Nick Fury, Me as Catwoman, and Dane as The Joker

Akua as Darth Vader/Slytherin Student, Kimani as Nick Fury, Me as Catwoman, and Dane as The Joker

Akua introduced me to a brilliant app to make our Cosplaying lives earlier: Cosplanner.  Yes, the app basically keeps you organized in what you need to make, purchase, inspiration pages and even helps you stay on budget.


This level of organization regarding your Cosplay will make the most extreme cosplayer dance in delight. You can access and share a summary page at any point, which is going to have all the stats written out. Upon completion of each costume, you will be given the option of adding any photo shoots done, events attended and prizes won as well as all photos of your Cosplay. The app is available to download for free on both the App Store and Google Play.  I used mine on an iPhone, getting my Harley Quinn Cosplay started:


The reference images section is extremely useful.  Think about it not having to go through your entire camera roll to check the design or size when buying things! Again this app is brilliant!   The summary page shows progress percentage, the amount of time spent working and total cost of your Cosplay. 

Now when you hit that “Finalize” button (another great feature is that it will only allow you to do so if the progress is 100%). The app will congratulate you on completing your Cosplay and let you add events like conventions, contests, and shoots.  The app is very user friendly; I’m stunned it’s actually free. The free version limits you to a mere 20 Cosplay elements, 5 reference images, and 5 final images.

Check out Cosplanner online at





New York Comic Con 2014

Hey everyone!

I can't believe it's mid-October already! I had a busy few days at NY Comic Con 2014, a time to band with fellow geeks, Cosplay, and leave reality for at least a few days. It is great to see so many different people from different backgrounds, occupations have the same joy I have in attending. New York Comic Con’s attendance surpassed San Diego’s this year! Well done NYC!

Anyone that knows me knows I dress up every year along with my niece Akua and our friend Kimani. This year, I dressed up as Rogue from X-Men, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, and Retro Catwoman:

Apologies for the Catwoman picture, I forgot to take one actually, Sunday was way too busy since I was taking my nephews to comic con.  What is also great about NY Comic Con is the exercise you get! There is so much to cover all over the Javits Center, heck even walking to the Javits Center lol Here are a few of my favorites:

                                                             My goodies, yes that is an Optimus Prime helmut :)

                                                             My goodies, yes that is an Optimus Prime helmut :)

Check out and read my NY Comic Con article, I spoke to a few veterans about the astonishing popularity over the last few years!

Also an outfit post is coming soon, adjusting to going back to being Bruce Wayne lol, until next year!