The Shape of Water: A modern yet magical tale

Guillermo del Toro (best known for Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim)  shines as a storyteller in the movie, The Shape of Water. The story, set in the 60s, during a time when the USA was in the mist of the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War era, a mute cleaning lady, Elisa Esposito (Sally Hawkins) befriends and falls in love with an amphibian, played by, imprisoned in a government building where Elisa is employed. She is one of several women who clean the government facility. When she learns of the horrific experiments and treatment that her new friend is undergoing, and will undergo, she realizes that she must risk everything to help him escape.  

It’s definitely a sci-fi take on Beauty and the Beast and The Creature of the Black Lagoon. The movie also shows how Elisa struggles to make her voice heard as she considers herself somewhat of a “beast” as well. The creature at first is frightening; some may say grotesque. Then, as the bond between him and Elisa blossoms that initial reaction is forgotten (not to spoil the movie but trust me) you begin to soften up to the creature.


Del Toro pushes the phrase “Love has no bounds” by showcasing how jarring and endearing the bond that develops between Elisa and Amphibious Man. The manner in which they communicate with each other was beautiful to watch.  Neither speaks, they just depend on their physicality to communicate many emotions: love, hope, fear, anger, loneliness and forgiveness.  They were able to push through impossible odds and making the effort to show they care. Their story shows we are more than capable of doing that as well, with all our technology and gadgets.  The bond that forms between Elisa and the creature is jarring and endearing. Their relationship may push bounds for some, but also may strengthen what you define as love.

Sally Hawkins’ performance, is charming and graceful. The joy she expresses is contagious! Doug Jones as Amphibious man is tender and believable.


The Shape of Water is truly a wonderful movie it combined a lot of my favorites genres: sci-fi, period films, and fairy tales.  Del Toro fans will not be disappointed with his story, his visual styling, his attention to colors, set design, costumes, and of course his monster. The soundtrack is memorable with wonderful period tune choices.  


I loved this movie! I think you get that?! Go see it!

Happy Holidays!


Touchdown: The new Star Wars Trailer is here!

If you have been living under a rock the past two days you were bound to hear about the new Star Wars trailer debuting during Monday night football.  To commence the countdown for the trailer’s launch, Disney released the sequel’s official theatrical poster on Sunday, and the new artwork immediately became a trending topic on Twitter: 

I was planning on watching Monday night football because the Giants were playing ha ha! The new trailer is glorious, for those who haven't seen in take a look:

All the old characters are in the trailer: Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and Luke. I had a few debates about this, you have to watch the trailer a second time to catch him with R2. A lot of people forget he lost a hand and had a bionic hand in Return of the Jedi. LOL proud I know something like that ;)

This trailer made up for the fact that my Giants lost, December 18th can't come fast enough.



New York Comic Con 2014

Hey everyone!

I can't believe it's mid-October already! I had a busy few days at NY Comic Con 2014, a time to band with fellow geeks, Cosplay, and leave reality for at least a few days. It is great to see so many different people from different backgrounds, occupations have the same joy I have in attending. New York Comic Con’s attendance surpassed San Diego’s this year! Well done NYC!

Anyone that knows me knows I dress up every year along with my niece Akua and our friend Kimani. This year, I dressed up as Rogue from X-Men, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, and Retro Catwoman:

Apologies for the Catwoman picture, I forgot to take one actually, Sunday was way too busy since I was taking my nephews to comic con.  What is also great about NY Comic Con is the exercise you get! There is so much to cover all over the Javits Center, heck even walking to the Javits Center lol Here are a few of my favorites:

                                                             My goodies, yes that is an Optimus Prime helmut :)

                                                             My goodies, yes that is an Optimus Prime helmut :)

Check out and read my NY Comic Con article, I spoke to a few veterans about the astonishing popularity over the last few years!

Also an outfit post is coming soon, adjusting to going back to being Bruce Wayne lol, until next year!