Cold Feet

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of blog posts :( Been busy preparing for a new season at Qi :) It's all good! I can't believe it's nearing the end of July already and we already got Fall product on websites. At first I was disgusted, I mean how obnoxious? Let the consumer enjoy her summer! I thought that until I saw it, the boot....

The boot as I call it is of course A.Wang and it's a monkey fur boot. Presenting the Polina Boot by Alexander Wang:

Of course it is $924, way out of my budget but I did think of a creative solution. Grab an inexpensive ankle boot, like the Jeffery Campell one below, and get some faux fur trim with elastic. It is the same look for 90% of the price.

That is my game plan during my vacay in August this will be my project :) LOL thought I share. Plus working on SWAG by A.K with Aiesha :)