Nautical Wednesday's + The Amazing Spiderman Oh My!

Hey guys!

How is everyone's week so far? I'm gearing up for the weekend, no plans yet (those are the best one's no real plans just spur of the moment?) I came across the new The Amazing Spiderman trailer that features one of my favorite gals Emma Stone. I love that she has a sense of humor, tomboyish, confident and stunning (like me!). I loved her covers for Elle and Vanity Fair this month :

I am searching for a similar bikini, love the red and white stripes so vintage!

I remember senior year of high school going to see Spiderman with a group of my friends. Aww memories, can't wait to start new one's next year with this movie!

The Amazing Spiderman Trailer

I saw the trailer on my Iphone as I was heading to work:
Foley + Corinna duffle bag, QI NY Stripe Dress, skinny belt from Urban Outfitters

What are your weekend plans, are you excited to for The Amazing Spiderman like me?