Website Obsession: Nasty Gal

Hi everyone! Hope the July 4th weekend was fabulous to you all! I enjoyed it with my amazing friend’s and family! I felt like a true New Yorker watching the fireworks in meatpacking! Special thanks to the random parking lot security guard that let over 100 people enter the lot near the pier. We got the best view of the fireworks as you can see!

I must say my Tuesday back to work outfit was
perfect for the sticky Manhattan weather! I owe it all to my new website obsession, Nasty Gal Vintage

What I love about this site that it is AFFORDABLE, especially for a girl like me who doesn’t spend a fortune on spring/summer clothes (I tend to do that during the fall/winter months). The Jane Maxi dress that I am wearing is $58!

The site also offers vintage pieces I have been eyeing these since last Monday

Fringed Batwing Cardi

Perfect for the fall with a huge chunky ankle boot

Jungle Kat Skirt

I love my maxi skirts, to me they are so sexy but elegant at the same time.

Happy Summer!