A Disturbing Pattern

Had a lazy Sunday, I was flipping through the channels and saw a clip from the season finale of Basketball Wives. Eric Williams one of the ex husbands on the show actually throws a drink at his soon to be ex Jennifer Williams.  I actually gasped after I saw it, but I do realize that I do watch these shows as much as the next person:

Seeing the clip made me think about an observation my sister made the other day when we were talking about TV shows. It seems like the media is trying to make it the norm for women to be assaulted on television. More than ever, women on TV are being portrayed in a negative light.

Basketball Wives, Real Housewives of NJ, Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, Jerseylicous have one thing in common there is always a clip where a woman is being assaulted.  Here are two recent clips:

The pattern is also continuing this fall. I also came across the new trailer for Maria Bello's new show Prime Suspect, the clip shows her at dinner with a black eye speaking about her day at work:

I think the media should create a balance and show more positive female influences on TV. But then again will people watch? Not 100% sure about that unfortunately.

Has anyone else noticed the pattern? What are your thoughts?