Fur Sure: Kosi's Do It Yourself (DIY) Fall 2011 Project

Hello hello!

How was everyone's week? I was at the Coterie trade show with my job it was one of our best show ever! I've finally had the chance to switch my closet from summer to fall and I smiled looking at the outerwear. 

I am most excited for is a mink coat I got that was my late grandmother's:

My grandmother had great style this piece is no exception. I am planning on getting it altered to look similar to these styles. I goggled a few of the best fur pieces seen during February's NY Fashion week. 

As you all can see the coat is super long! I want to use the rest of the fur to make a vest like this:

I can't wait to show all of you pictures of the finished product(s). What DIY projects are all of you getting into for fall?