Puurfection.. Part Deux

Hey guys

Gasp! I just saw the first full length pics of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman! She looks AMAZING and looking very true the comic book. Out of the DC Comic Characters her and Batman are my favorites!

I saw on a few blogs the mix reviews, I think Anne will be great for many reasons:
  1. She can act!
  2. Christopher Nolan is directing her.
  3. She can act!
  4. Glad Nolan didn't pic a Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie type, it would have been the obvious choice.
Her costume is awesome, I love the utility belt, pointy ears that turn into goggles, and high heel boots. Catwoman actually kicking some tail and not just looking cute? There's a concept!

Wanted to share the with you guys! What do you think? Will Anne be a good Catwoman?