Get Thee To An Infirmary

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I have been sick :( It is pretty serious when your boss sends you home in fears of infecting her and your coworkers. The weather in NYC has been hot one day and cold the next! 

So I am resting so I can be in full blogger/pr mode by the end of the week. Me being sick reminds me of one of my favorite episodes from the Cosby Show, it was when Rudy got sick:

I have to get better for so many reasons:

1) I need to put my NYC Comic Con post pronto
2) Halloween! Duh!
3) Have to catch up with my dearest friends
4) Get back to my secret project (don't worry you guys will know soon! It's going to be fabulous) 
5) Once Upon A Time premieres on Sunday
6) Finish the rest of my fall 2011 shopping

Be back soon!