P.S. I Love Me

Hey guys!

How was the weekend for everybody? My weekend was great just relaxed, saw Ides of March (great movie!) and caught up with an old friend. 

I went to the Hells Kitchen Flea Market and got the most amazing deal on this coat:

A perfect weekend with friend's and random summer weather! I love it as I get older the simple things in life make me smile. I love where I am in my life right now and looking forward to October 2011 and beyond.

I found this poem online, I wish there was an author behind it. But it pretty much sums up how I am feeling.

Love Yourself
Live in colours, love yourself
Rest on love look at shelf
Bees are humming, spiders spin
Shut your eyes, live in green

Ignore words what others say
All will leave you none to stay
Life is yours make it happy
Raise your head never feel shaky.