Dear Santa: Kosi's Holiday Wishlist

Dear Santa

I have been good all year (maybe there was a few incidents where there was too much alcohol that influenced my actions) but let's not rehash that. 

In light of my good behavior, I have composed a list of items I must have for Christmas. 

"Must" maybe a strong word but it's 2011, better to be direct and not beat around the bush, right? I made this list very simple to understand:

GIVENCHYMedium Leather Nightingale
so chic and an investment piece

My own Starbucks card that lasts me till December 2012
I can't live without my coffee in the morning and next year will be a very positive/demanding/productive year for me. Caffeine will help me through it ;)

Helmut Lang Slit Maxi Skirt-so versatile 
A custom Iphone cover from
An Ipad, nuff said.

An all inclusive trip to San Diego Comic Con, July 2012. 
I can't get enough of my comics!

Pamela Love Tribal Spike Cuff

That is my list Santa, also keep my loyal readers as beautiful and awesome as they already are!  

LOL so that is my letter to Santa Folks.

The holiday's rock! Not for wishlists but for everyone to remember that these are times to be grateful for what we all have and look forward to a New Year!