Victoria's Secret NFL Collection on sale! Holla!

Happy Sunday to you all! 

NFL playoffs are here! I love lazy Sunday's like this where you can sip a cold beer, have brunch, then watch the game. I'm a Giant's fan + a fashionable tomboy 4 life :) Most of my family members are as well!

To celebrate, I wanted to let all my lovely readers know that Victoria's secret is doing a sale on their NFL collection. I went to one store earlier today and all Giants merchandise was sold out. LOL! It was funny seeing all the NY Jets jersey's and sweatpants left. I would recommend buying online, don't miss out!

I brought the following:
Orig. $32.50 Sale $19.50 

Orig. $69.50 Sale $48.50

What team are you rooting for? How do you show off your team spirit?