What does a chic Giants fan look like?

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday! My weekend consisted of resting and celebrating the NY Giants victory! It was a close game and I wore my Giants Hat (thanks for the gift mom) for luck the whole time. I told a few friend's as the game was going on that I was going to wear my hat to the office on Monday. 

Remember people I work in the garment district and where fur jackets rule the block. 

I got a few looks from women in the elevator but I didn't give a sh*t! Isn't fashion supposed to express what you are feeling? At that moment I had team pride!

Here are a few pics:

Giants Hat given to me by mom, cropped sweater, American Apparel dress, Jeffery Campbell boots
I had a very hectic last week, I apologize for the lack of posts, I believe in quality not quantity. However, I am back ready to be a blogging ninja once more!

Did anyone else catch the game Sunday night? What do you wear to show off your sports pride, what do you do in general to show off your pride?