Be Yourself: Easier as you get older

Realized that my birthday is 2 months away (May 27th) 

I will be 28 years old: WHOA!

Honestly, I used to get the birthday blues; not sure if you guys have experienced it. You think about all the things you didn't do, the fact you are 1 year older and you are wondering what the fuck you should be doing with yourself? (Sorry to be so blunt lol for the PG readers.) I definitely had moments like that around the time of my birthday. 

I was relieved that last year I didn't have the blues at all! My birthday weekend was low key and I loved it.  I surrounded myself with people I really care about. 

Looking back on my 27th year the ups and downs, I am actually more comfortable with myself than I was in my early 20's. I cared a lot what people thought of me when I was younger, held grudges, trying to fit in, and not thinking I was good enough. I don't know when I stopped caring but I am happy I did! There are still a few moments of doubt but I'm working on it (Jan/Feb 2012 were MAJOR learning lessons for me), I know that comes with time. 

I thought it would be appropriate since I am talking about time and personal growth to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of getting my tattoo:

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My tattoo is a West African Adinkra symbol:  MMERE DANE, which means symbol of change, life's dynamics.

There have been a lot of changes the past few years, good and bad. I choose to focus on the good and learn from the bad.

I am looking forward to my 28th year and keeping it low key in regards to a celebration. I do want to get a great outfit just because... it's my birthday, fuck yea I'm going to look great lol

I found an old pic of myself at my 25th birthday party.  I have changed since that picture: style-wise and personality.

I know I need to do an outfit post, I'll make it happen this weekend ;) Hope everyone is enjoying their week!