Fair Is Fair in the search for the perfect denim vest

Hey guys

Enjoying the beautiful weather? I sure am! I'm more motivated to get my spring wardrobe together!

An item that is on my wishlist this spring is (drumroll please): a denim vest. I got inspired after buying the DVD to one of my top 80s movies, "The Legend of Billie Jean"

Billie Jean throughout the whole movie wore baggy vests, now I am in the search for a vest like this. I want to pair it with my maxi skirts and dresses this Spring. 

The movie is now a cult classic, the music in the movie also rocked checked out this scene where Billy Idol was playing in the background:

And to end it my favorite 80s movie quote "Fair is Fair":

The vests I have been seeing in a few stores doesn't have the same vintage feel, I am going to head to Loveday 31 this weekend to find a vest that is similar, wish me luck!

Any recent movie inspired your wardrobe? Do tell!