Kick off your shoes and relax your feet

Hey guys!

So how did I end up here? Relaxing on a nice night with a drink in my hand? 

Current Elliott Stiletto Jean in Leopard/Sam Eldelman Boot

Looking for a low key bar in NYC can be a daunting tasks, I am finding that out as I get older. There are times where you want to escape the following after a long day at work:

Tourist crowd
College crowd
Underage crowd
Hoodguy/Hoodgal crowd
Jersey Shore crowd
Sex & the City wannabe crowd
The "omg" celebrities go here crowd
The Fashion professional crowd 

It's NYC, and yes we are diverse, but times you just need a crowd detox!

I always find great spots through my friend's and it is always when I am not expecting them. Me and a friend of mine decided to avoid the Hell's Kitchen/West Village happy hour rush as usual, and head to Lolita Lower East Side. 


I like Lolita for a few reasons:
It is located in LES
Dim lighting, exposed brick, and Led Zeppelin playing in the background=win!

  I'm always a sucker for a jukebox

 How can you not love the shrine to Questlove?

The drink I ordered was the Lolita (cheesy right? lol) It was really a  Sex on the Beach made with raspberry vodka. It was a very good drink!

 The artwork on the walls was a great touch, this is a bar where you can actually sit with a friend or two and catch up on life as I did that night. 

It was nice to go out of my usual area and try something new, I tend to do that a lot this Spring & beyond! Lolita is located on 266 Broome St. at Orchard & Allen.

What are you guys trying new this Spring? Any recommendations for happy hour, he he!