Nightie Night

Having a secret identity was rough in the past. 

For example, Lois Lane’s forever trying to out Clark Kent. Diana Prince  aka Wonder-woman constantly has to worry about stodgy military types. And Batman never knows when a scorned Catwoman was going to blow his cover as Bruce Wayne.

Good thing in 2012, I don't have it so bad...... I'm a tomboy with a feminine side who is into her fashion, scifi, comic books, and old skool video games. I also have a thing for intimates too (GASP! Yes I do!) . 

I just snagged the following from Victoria's Secret last week. I think you guys would agree each set is perfect for my dual identities:

Satin and lace babydoll set

Satin leopard romper (unfortunately sold out guys) 

As you can see, what stays constant with me with intimates is lace!