Sight See

I spent the past weekend running errands and visiting my comic book spot "Midtown Comics", which happens to be located blocks from times square so I walked and walked. I was bummed they didn't have the catwoman bobble head I wanted but it was great to visit!

I ended up entering Aeropostale where they have an area were one can see the view, my photographer told me it was actually MTV studios where they filmed TRL. Crazy!? My high school is blocks from Time Square, before senior year started me and my best friend Vicky had a chance to be audience members. I wasn't screaming loud enough for producers so a half our into it they moved me :( lol memories
Scarf: Qi, Coat: Searle
Bag: Marc Jacobs from Ebay. Best Ebay purchase from 3 years ago!
Have a great week folks!
Photography by Kareem Montes