Helping Holidays

I am sure most of us have been watching classic holiday movies, decorating the tree and listening to holiday songs on the radio, this year I decided to switch it up.

Yep, that is me wearing a hairnet this past Sunday, the first Sunday in a while where I had absolutely nothing to do. My friend next to me is Dahlia, she invited me to join her in volunteering at St. Francis Xavier Church on 14th street between 5th and 6th avenues. They were doing a Christmas meal service for the homeless, disabled, and low income families. The church as a soup kitchen every Sunday, one of the few places in NYC that offers weekly meals.

Volunteering at St.Francis Xavier was actually my first time volunteering at a soup kitchen, I didn't realize how much detail is involved: prepping the food,decorating, setting up they trays, and keeping track of how many people come in for a meal. Dahlia and I were actually on tray duty, so when trays were finished we were responsible for emptying them and handing them off to the washers to clean. 


The church also partnered with Chiropractic for Humanity, the organization offered free massages after meals. 
As you can see I managed to take a few pics as the church getting decorated.  I met a few volunteers from all walks of life: one an emt and one who works at Morgan Stanley. It was nice to see people put their differences aside to help people who are less fortunate.

I plan on volunteering at least once of month at St.Francis in 2013, it felt great to give back during the holiday season!

Happy Holiday's to all!