Giving Back: Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Bracelet

My condolences go out to the families affected by the tragedy that took place December 14th, 2012.

Companies as we have seen in the past few days are giving back, such as the brand Pura Vida. The brand has designed a waterproof bracelet to remember the victims. What caught my attention was that 100% of proceeds go to the “My Sandy Hook Family Fund” (yes 100% of proceeds). This fund was established by local Sandy Hook, CT parents and friends dedicated to providing immediate and continuing support for the 26 families of those who lost children and loved ones in the Sandy Hook School Tragedy. 

Message from the community members: “We are the parents of the children who survived. We are the classmates, friends, and the little league coaches. Sandy Hook is where we live -- it is our proud community. We ask the world to join us not only in our grief but also in our burning need take some of the burdens off these families in their time of incredible pain. To bear their cross in some small way. We intend to use donations to pay for immediate needs, including funeral services, as well as ongoing living expenses such as food, mortgages payments, daycare, insurances and fuel until they are back on solid ground. Please help us help our own neighbors beyond sharing their tears. All net funds received will go directly to the families who lost children and immediate family members.” 

To purchase the bracelet which retails for $5.00 please click here.