The treat that charms this geeky gal's heart: Scifi Swimsuits!

The holiday's are here, I have been ordering my gingerbread latte, blast the Christmas music around the office, and going on youtube to see my favorite scenes from "A Christmas Story" lol 

A coworker of mine knows I am a scifi-comic buff and she sent me the most awesome link! It is the first time in a while where I just brought something on the spot, the early Christmas gift to myself. Can't wait to well for a vacay!

Presenting the R2D2 Bathing suit from Black Milk Clothing:

R2 2.0 Swimsuit

This is so dope on so many levels, the print, the silluouette, and the price. Designer swimsuits can be so expensive but it really doesn't show off the woman behind the swimsuit.

The website also has bathing suits devoted to my scifi/comic obsession here are a few of my favorites :) 

Black Milk Clothing is such a great find! I am looking forward to what they do for Spring 13! Are you guys treating yourself to an Christmas gift? Do tell!