On The Ball: Sporty Dressing

In the fashion world, the word "sporty" doesn't necessarily have the most stylish connotation usually.  Visions of baggy athletic shorts, shelf-bra tanks, and sweatproof sunblock invaded my mind years ago. It is great to see designers 
embrace the word "sporty".

In NYC 2013, the word "sporty" was also given a new definition due to NYC basketball, it is very exciting to watch! I never seen so many female fans interested in basketball! Weather you are a NY Knicks fan or Brooklyn Nets fan, I think we can all agree being "sporty" is playing in a whole new court.

I am very excited to be going to my first Knicks game this Friday at Madison Square Garden (yep I'm a Knicks fan, I thank my brother Nei for that). I always liked basketball even wore a few jersey's in junior high school and played a few weeks in my junior high school's female basketball team. 

I had to figure out what to wear for Friday's game, it's major on so many levels: 1st game, and the Knicks are playing the Chicago Bulls. The last game was intense (google it people). I was happy to see other brands/websites embrace the sporty revolution in fashion.   Sporty no longer referrs to the Jane-Fonda-legwarmers of years past. Thanks to subtle infusions of color and surprising pairing of unlikely materials like leather and suede, the results are a ramped-up, stylish look. My style is eclectic but chic, mixing a leather hat with an oversize orange tank, grey sweats, and pumps? Looks divine, I must say!

The board represents my interpretation of sporty, I tend to focus more on color than the actual silhouette adding accents such as a leather cap for me is a must to keep it fresh and modern!

Have you guys embrace the sporty revolution, how do you make it your own?