Kos' NYFW Fall 13 Diary #4: Stoner Chic at Highland

"Some rise, some fall, some climb"-Jerry Garcia

That quote was the start of the show program given to attendees of the Highland Fall 13 presentation. The presentation took place in the Highline loft in the Meatpacking district. I liked going to presentations like these that display the collection differently besides having the models stand on a platform for 2 hours, the presentation was fun, interactive and entertaining! The space felt like an old skool house party with Blue Ribbon beer, misty smoke and dim lighting. 

Sherpa outerwear, cargo pants, and tie-dye shirts were a constant theme from the collection. The Highland guy is mellow but knows how to have a great time with his crew!

I was digging the reversible Beanie DJ Mobby was wearing

Can't be a house party without darts?

Shout out to this awesome server manning the Blue Ribbon area, I envy his rings
My first beer cozy thanks for the keepsake Highland!
 I managed to get some video footage  of the presentation, thought it was vital since it was so unique, enjoy:

I wouldn't think purple would work on a men's knit but it works in this case!

Well done Highland!