The Valentine's Day gift for the little girl in your life: KaeKae Kouture

Hello everyone!

February is upon us and the Valentine's day promotions are in full swing.  I remember as a kid when Valentine's Day rolled around I would start thinking about what to give away at school, wearing red/pink, and all the candy my mom and aunts will be giving me :)  As an aunt of a 2 year old girl I started to think about what to get her: Paper Valentine, she'll rip up for sure lol, a toy.. she has a ton. Then the perfect gift came to mind: KaeKae Kouture hair clips.

KaeKae Kouture was developed by Krystal Cruz, I actually went to high school with Krystal (can't believe 10+ years ago we old! lol). When she started to do postings on her online boutique a few months ago I immediately thought about how cute to see a children's collection that was an affordable price. The collection consists of hair clips as I highlighted, wall decor, gift sets, and burb cloths. I had a chance to ask Krystal about the story behind the brand:

Krysal Cruz: As a person who loves fashion..I've always like the exclusive. I've always sewn and crocheted and designed things off the top of my head. So when I became a mommy to a girl, I poured all of that into my little princess (who now loves fashion too). I've made her so many unique things and when people seen us out, they would stop me and ask where did I get that? I always say the same thing: "I made it." So KaeKae Kouture is an online boutique for parents out there who love their little one to stand out at an affordable price! Plus I love giving back. And not only do I want the Moms to love KaeKae Kouture, I want the little divas to love it as well, when they receive their free hair clip, etc. 

Kosi: How did you come up with the name?

Krystal: My daughter inspired me so I named it after her nickname and I changed the C to a K in Kouture just for a unique look.  I chose a butterfly in the logo because since Kae was born I've watch her transition as a beautiful butterfly does.

Kosi: What advice would you give to mother's starting their own business?

Krystal:Keep around things and people that inspire you. Do your homework and the possibilities are endless!!!

Well said!

Krystal developed a Valentine's day collection that consists of hair clips. And the best thing about the new hair accessories is that they're not strictly for Valentine's Day; they can be worn any day of the year!

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