Interview with Model Nastasia Ohl

Photo from Nastasia Ohl
MeetNastasia Ohl, model for Major Model Management.  The Miami native moved to NYC 2 summers ago to pursue modeling full time. I met Nastasia last year when she modeled at my job's Fall 13 presentation @Ainsleyny:

A year later, I was stoked to see how far the 18-year-old model has come in the fashion industry, especially this NYFW in February. She was everywhere! 
Alon Livne Fall 13

Tia Cibani Fall 13

Katie Ermilio Fall 13
Binetti Fall 13
I was fortunate to get a few moments with Nastasia to discuss her career in modeling. Her interview can be found below:

OCO: How did you start modeling?
N.O:I first got the idea I wanted to work towards modeling when a former supermodel starting talking to me in Wholefoods back home when I was 9. I was way too young but after I grew during high school I came to NY and got signed doing mostly direct bookings and fashion week. After I finished school I moved to NY and have lived here ever since!

O.C.O: What is your favorite show you did during this past NYFW and why?
N.O: My favorite show I did this fashion week was Ruffian, the clothes were absolutely amazing, gothic romantic with bold prints lots of black, some corsets and an underlying equestrian theme.

Ruffian Fall 13
O.C.O: Do you remember your first NYFW gig? What was it?  
N.O: Yes I do remember my first NYFW gig! I was still in high school but got flown in just to try my luck at the Calvin Klein exclusive casting, and I got it! It was an amazing first experience and one that I will definitely never forget!

O.C.O: How do you prep for a show/shoot?
N.O: I try to get as much sleep as I can, I also will try to eat breakfast and pack some fruit with me for on set to munch on and grab a coffee before I start working so I am fully energized.

O.C.O: Best perk about being a model?
N.O: Travelling to amazing places for work and meeting amazing people that you keep in contact with.

O.C.O:Do you see yourself modeling in 10 years? Yes or No? Why?
N.O: I’m not sure if I see myself modeling in 10 years, at least not full-time. I would like to stay in the fashion industry for sure but I eventually want to go to college and work towards a career in fashion, taking my experiences from modeling with me. If I can, I would like to still do some modeling work as long as I can but definitely I’m not planning on it being my only career throughout my life.

O.C.O: Who inspires you? 
N.O: The mature/established models in the industry that have used their success in a positive way, either giving back to a chosen charity or to the modeling community themselves with their own organizations or with something like the model alliance. I admire that some can be extremely successful in what it is that they do (modeling) and have chosen such a positive way and idea of giving back in some way because of this success.

O.C.O: What projects are you looking forward to in the upcoming weeks/months ahead?
N.O: I am looking forward to working with my new agency in China: Modelline. I will be going for Beijing fashion week/ to work for the next 2 months. I have been to China before but never for work so I am excited to work in a new market. I also recently switched to Major Modeling Management in NY so I am excited to work with their team as well. 

Nastasia has the personality of a true supermodel: beautiful, humble, and versatile. For more Nastasia Ohl, check out her recent shoot at Major Model, and Natasia's tumblr page: Electric Sugarr.