Pretty Tomboy

Emily D Vegan Leather legging
Pencey "Pretty Tomboy" Tee
Phillip Noel clutch

Photography by Margie Harris

Bright blue skies+ sun= Spring! Spring like weather dominated this past weekend ironically when daylight savings time kicked in! Brooklynites like myself were out and about soaking in the beautiful weather as you can see. 

I always considered myself a tomboy ever since I was a kid, girls would like sundresses, I would like overalls, comic books, and Batman cartoons! I have been obsessing over this "Pretty Tomboy" shirt for weeks now and decided to get it. I balance my tomboy style with a vegan legging, ankle boots, and a minimalistic clutch.  I have been using this clutch from Phillip Noel for a few weeks now and it is becoming a staple in my wardrobe!

The tease of spring weather this past weekend has been so amazing for my creativity. There are so many projects coming up it's a very exciting time for me, cheers to spring!