The Power of Me Time

Hello March! Seriously , hello March! Ha! February was such a busy month for fashion pr girls: fashion week for some, then the trade shows in between, making sure product is placed in trade magazines, and launching fall 13 seasons on top of still promoting Spring 13/Summer 13 to media outlets. 

Being burnt out was an understatement this the past few weeks and honestly, I felt myself getting 'fashion out'. My blog, the place where I have 100% control of content, I was feeling 'fashion out'.  Work isn't work usually, I love what I do and the thrill of it all. There is truly never a dull moment and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am fortunate to do what l love.

The past few weekends I deliberately stayed in Brooklyn and did absolutely nothing but just relax, walk around the neighborhood and spent time with family. It felt great not to have to be somewhere or have to do something. I'm making it a point to make my weekends this spring more about "me" it doesn't mean my passion for fashion has left, not at all! If anything it increases it!

Took this picture walking around my neighborhood
Today, I got the official confirmation on the new project I will be working on. I can't announce it to you guys yet but it's NYC based, retail, and I get to plan a launch party! I am coming back to work this week refreshed and cannot wait to get started developing a marketing plan, brainstorming, and researching. 

If you work or don't work in the fashion industry we all have something in common with having the feeling of being burned out.  The best solution is to step back and devote time to yourself.