My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by the bombing that took place during the Boston Marathon.  Postings of sadness and anger swept social media/blogs yesterday and today.  
I was feeling the same way, but instead of me doing a post saying "how sorry I am" I figured I can post ways for people to help.  I did have a post scheduled today but didn't feel comfortable with what was going on right now.

Social media
People often turn to Twitter for quick ways to connect. If you are in the Boston area and are looking for organizations seeking volunteers, or if you are far away but want to keep up with ways to help, follow the hashtag #BostonHelp on Twitter.

Boston Children's Hospital
Ten of the victims were taken to Boston's Children's Hospital. The hospital is updating its website with news as it becomes available. Follow @BostonChildrens on Twitter for updates. The Children's Hospital website also has useful resources for guidance on how to talk to children after a tragedy. Donate to Boston's Children's Hospital

One Fund Boston
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston's Mayor Tom Menino says the city has established 'One Fund Boston'. "At times like this we are one state, one city and once people," Governor Patrick said. Boston based insurance company John Hancock has already committed $1 million to the fund, which will raise money for families most affected by the bombings.  Donate to Onefundboston.org

Give Blood
Governor Patrick said there is a need for blood on a sustained basis. Anyone wishing to give blood should keep checking with local hospitals and organizations like the Red Cross in the near future to see where the need may be and where to donate.

Anything aside from that mentioned above is a scam. One Twitter account went live within an hour of the tragedy, claiming to donate $1 for Boston Marathon for every retweet. 

I will do regular posts and an outfit one sometime this week stay tuned and stay safe.