Out on the Weekend

Hey guys!

Once 6:00 hit this past Friday my mind was off work! Everyday for me this week has been go, go, go so I couldn't wait to finally sit back and do absolutely nothing...or absolutely everything this weekend.

Friday night I caught up with my friend Steph, we chatted about work, fashion, boys, and life. We were watching The Knicks/Celtics game. 

She couldn't get over my Iron Man case lol she got a shot of Iron Man during halftime:

Saturday I took it easy it was great for once, I worked out, napped, then met my friend Aiesha to stop at Loveday 31, our favorite vintage spot. I have been eyeing this dress when Loveday posted it on instagram a few days ago:

Ivona the owner of Loveday 31, was nice enough to take the dress down for me to try it on. I didn't want to take it off! I love the 70's vibe, I can rock it with boots or platform sandals. It is the perfect dress for spring/summer hijinks that I am sure to get into.

Aiesha ended up with two items with some urging from me. One was a skater dress, and the other is a sequin top I love the oversize tshirt inspired fit!

We ended up meeting our friend's later at a beer garden nearby. It was an awesome time as always, we laughed, danced, took shots, and watched the game. 


Off to work I go tomorrow but I'm excited for the week ahead: prepping for fall 13 press, shooting resort 13 at the Lower East Side, shooting for the blog, and seeing the Knicks beat the Celtics at the Garden on Wednesday ha!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!