Nautical Getaway

How amaze is this editorial from Vogue Paris May 13! It inspires me to go on some crazy voyage in the middle of nowhere with nothing but grungy layers in navy and whites . A lightweight beanie and a canvas wedge makes this look complete for me! 

What a great editorial!  I like the fact that the styling and photography makes each look it's very wearable where a lot of editorials nowadays don't look that way at all!

Looking at this tonight has got me thinking: I need a vacation! I text my friend earlier about doing a quick getaway. Of course she says I should plan it lol. I'll add it on the to do list next week. Thanks Essence, I always enjoy our text convos!

I hope everyone's week is going great so far. Doing a shoot for work on the resort season, then marketing the next project. Hopefully the Knicks win Friday, that last game was a shocker.. boo hoo lol  

Can't wait for my own little getaway!