Deck your life with art from Meegan Barnes

If it looks expensive, costs more than your rent, and challenges normal understanding, it must be art, right? Not! Upgrade your lifestyle (walls, clothing, Ipads) with stacks of gorgeous art from Meegan Barnes. The unforgettable illustrations are available at Society 6.

I met Meegan 10 years ago when I interned for her at Femme Arsenal when was the designer for the fashion brand. It was the first internship I had and I learned a lot from her and the team.  I always thought Meegan was a very talented artist that was ahead of her time. I looked up to her and still do in so many ways: her talent, confidence, and energy! She was a great mentor to me!

I am happy to see her one-of-a-kind illustrations  sold at Society 6 at amazing price points. Art prints are $40, T-Shirts  & Tote bags are $22, Iphone cases are $35, and stretched canvas is $85.

Here are a few of my favorites! One of them includes her Jack Russell terrier, 

To purchase and view the rest of Meegan's illustration's click here:

Congrats Meegan, I miss the Femme Arsenal days!