Did you ever associate a store or an article of clothing with a time period in your life? I'll raise my hand to that! 

I was a Wet Seal fanatic in high school and some of college. Wet Seal always brings me back to after school high school senior year Friday's. There was usually a routine, especially with of most of us getting out at 11am, we would head over to the Starbucks where I would work at so they can use my discount lol and I can get my check, then everyone else pick up their checks. Then at some point, we would head to 34th street, and go Manhattan Mall to shop or window shop if we were going on a weekday. Wet Seal is still in the Manhattan Mall today, I graduated 11 years ago.

Fast forward to now, I am psyched to see that Wet Seal is joining the comic fashion bandwagon with their own line of comic tees and dresses all under $50!  So brilliant as it is getting really hot this July in NYC, I will grab a tee or two! Pair with a pair of Jbrand's, an awesome heel? I'm great to go!

It's awesome to see stores embrace the consumer's inner geek!

Above were a few of my favs! 

Ah, Wetseal those were the days, lol 

What stores or article of clothing brings you back to a great time in your life?