DBSW-Drink Beer Save Water tees

Hey guys!

I had the chance to walk The Capsule show with my job last week. The Capsule show is a fashion trade show that has directional and independent designers (my cup of tea). It is a fresh approach to the typical NYC trade show which is usually at the Piers or Javits center in NYC. The Capsule show takes place in NYC, Paris, Berlin and Las Vegas. We were scouting brands for the store, getting inspired, and listening to great music as we walked booth to booth!

What caught my eye was the Korean based unisex brand Drink Beer Save Water. Yes, that is the brand name or DBSW for short. The frat boy idea of saving water by drinking beer is absurd to the typical person but it is an freaking awesome concept the collection initially based it's designs on lol.

The design team at DWSB implement the philosophy that like booze, funny and imaginative fashion items can be used for social lubrication Hey I can dig it, the conversation will sure to be be funny! All graphic designs are interactive- you can flip pieces over, change buttons, store your belongings, wear them inside out, or even cut and sew your own combination.  A guy can wear with a relaxed dark jean, where a gal can wear it with a leather short and heels. Sometimes a lot of fashion brands take themselves way too seriously this brand doesn't. 

Here are a few of my favs from the Spring 13 collection. The Fall 13 collection is sold in Atrium in NYC:

The Fall 13 collection is sold in Atrium NYC

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