Steppin' Warriors: Rick Owens Spring 14

"We're rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty," Designer Rick Owens said about his Spring 14 women's collection he debuted at Paris Fashion Week (PFW).  Instead of holding the traditional model casting, Owens recruited four step dance troupes—Step with Momentum, W Diva, Zeta and Soul Steps—to form a single unifying force he titled “Vicious.”   With electro-synthetic beats and rhythmic stomp, the show created an experience that broke the fashion mold in a major way!

It was refreshing to see models/performers at a major fashion show that were bigger than a size 4, who were predominately African American, and had their hair in afros, dreadlocks and braids. Typically, PFW has little to no African American models walking the catwalk and if they are walking their hair is long and straight.

The collection was classic Rick Owens, with angular body styles creating a dramatic but minimalistic look with olive-hues, black jersey and leather. Owens is a master at draping, the combination of tribal and Grecian influences, gives the collection a dose of modern femininity. The perfect collection for pretty tomboy's like myself!

What an innovative collection! lol I am not in Paris but I do feel inspired by this, well done Rick

What did you guys think of the show? Does this set the tone for shows in February?