Comic Relief: NY Comic Con is here!

Hey guys!

My friend Jay sent me this video, it's a rap freestyle featuring a few of my favorite Avengers that I will probably see today!

What perfect timing is NY Comic Con! This is my third year going and second year dressing up, it's great to see the outfits, debating with my fellow nerds. 

I will be attending today, Saturday, and Sunday. All my outfits for Comic Con have a red element as you can see, minus catwoman that I am wearing today!

Side note: I want to give special thanks to my friend Yalenis for making one of my outfits, she is the busiest person I know! Check out her beautiful dress line Synderela on Facebook. Synderela has made it to round 2 of Intuit Small Business please vote for them here, if anyone is more deserving of this opportunity it is Yalenis and her team!