Disney Villans Do It Better

How amazing is this Maleficent poster staring Ms. Angelina Jolie? Such the perfect role! All the Disney villains had the best outfits and the best skin!  The trailer for Maleficent was just released making all scifi fanatics like me, marketing the release date. Mac Cosmetics is even getting into the action by doing an exclusive beauty line based on the movie. See... villains do it better! Do we see people wanting Snow White's make up? No!

Trailer for Maleficent, love the laugh at the ending!

I decided that Maleficent will be one of my costumes for next year's NY Comic Con! I already put some of the outfit together:

T By Alexander Wang Satin Maxi dress:

Horns from ETSY that I found:

Who else is excited for Maleficent, as I am?