It's In The Bag: Mansur Gavriel

Hey Santa! I know Christmas if over but if you are still making late deliveries like UPS, send this bag my way!

I first started hearing about the handbag line Mansur Gavriel two months ago. Doing some competitive shopping for work on my favorite sites Steven Alan, Net A Porter, and Bird. I kept seeing the bag pop up. Now updating my wardrobe and paying more attention to the quality of my accessories, I now found myself paying attention to this collection and I will tell you why: The average designer handbag is $1200 and ironically the bag will be out of style a year later.  So a lot of people save up, go on Ebay (like I did) to get the bag they want and hope that it is in style for a few years.    

What I love about Mansur Gavriel's bags that it is a mix of feminine and masculine without the typical handbag price at $500 and under.  The contemporary marketplace has enough hobos with decorative hardware. What Mansur Gavriel filled a gap in making their handbags modern and unfussy using Italian leather at an affordable pricepoint.  The styling is so timeless and versatile: the outside of the bag are neutral leather, while the inside have a contrasting bright coating. The bag has no hardware, no logos or major signifiers.  This is the anti-it-bag lol and I love it especially working in this crazy industry.  It is so chic and effortless!