Step Into A World

The past few months, my style has been one big yo yo. The weather is not helping at all with the random blizzard that happened on Monday.  White tailored blazer with purple heels one day, and tights, an oversized sweater for three days straight.

The yo yo styling for me has stopped for now. Why you ask? My answer: It's Fashion Week.

It's the time to dress like it's not 5 degrees outside and the streets are slippery (yes I know in NYC this is what is going down right now) and say yes to wearing the highest heel you have and some Solange spotting! A little escape from the real world, ha!

I am stoked for the presentations/shows I received so far! Here are a few of them:

I will be posting on the blog and on instagram @kosi27. Thank you to the PR firms who have invited me.