IIKONEE SS15 Collection

Yea, I have been talking about Fall 14 until the cows come home but it is never too early to be thinking about Spring 15!

Presented by People's Revolution comes, IIKONEE.  Designers Tatjana Schuck and Benita Shun look to simplicity and starkness to tell a story about celebration and space in an overcrowded and faced paced world.

Spring 15 was inspired by architect Phillip Schaerer, infused with thoughtful and intentional monochromatic protection.  Anyone that knows me, knows I love a monochromatic look!

ILLONEE doesn't support any kind of animal exploitation, cruelty, or killing which is why they produce only animal-free garments.  Their Eshop is up and running that has refined gear for work and play: ILLONEE