Hello Brooklyndolly!

Hello everyone!

I had to share my new Instagram discovery: Brooklyndolly. As a Brooklynite of course I had to support, lately I have been getting more into illustrations, watercolors, I have no clue why lol not complaining.  The more art I see the more inspired I get with my own creative pursuits.

Brooklyndolly's holiday gift card set is modern but also has an artistic feel not really seen in standard cards! It is a must to send to relatives or friend's you are not able to see for the holiday season:

I have been surrounded by thank you cards thanks to my mom and sisters. I've started sending more thank you cards out (long over due) when I saw the Birky Love Blank Card Set a few months it was a done deal that I had to purchase. LOL it also reminds me to take a vacation soon:

A few of my favs from Brooklyndolly's Instagram page (@Brooklyndolly), for print purchase information contact, Brooklyndolly@gmail.com:





I had a chance to talk to Erin Robinson, the artist behind Brooklyndolly.  Robinson, a Parson's New School of Design alum, is a children's wear designer working for companies Gap and Abercrombie.   She also worked as a wardrobe designer for movies and television. 

O.C.O: How long have you been an artist?

E:  I actually like to call myself a creative visionary. I'm interested in so many things from interiors, architecture, photography, fashion, illustration...my mind is always ticking with ideas and how to's.  I try and get involved in as much as possible.  I've always been an artist I guess. I've loved coloring, cutting, and pasting since I can remember. Both of parents are pretty creative. My Dad is an architect so they made sure I had the tools to nurture whatever was swirling through my head. I'd make Barbie clothes, dollhouses, and shoes.  I could go on! My Dad is the one who encouraged me to start drawing on my iPad. I frowned so hard because I was such an ole skool artist gal.  But I move around so much and cant always have my arts n' crafts supplies with me so its great to have to release what’s going on in my head. I really took to it, becoming my journal in some way.

O.C.O:  What made you decide to start your own business?

E:  I've had been in corporate for some crazy number of years and my art had taken a back seta. Great at my jobs but I felt empty inside. A few super close friends knew my artistic abilities and with a huge push, encouraged me to start sharing or posting on my social outlets. I resisted because I was extremely reserved about whom I share with...But I eventually gave in and Brooklyndolly was officially born. I did not anticipate the positive response and people wanting to buy things from me...so Instagram decided I needed to start a little biz out of this...and that’s what happened and now I’m trying to see where I can this because it fells really good to be doing something I’m ridiculously passionate about. So stay tuned...so much more in store...I’m excited!

O.C.O: What inspires you?

E:  So much inspires me...I’m extremely visual and like when I can sometimes smell and touch things...being outdoors around nature definitely gets me motivated...but people watching to is an inspiration. A lot of my illustrations are brewed up at the diverse beauty I see in Brooklyn. So much eclectic culture sprinkled about this and my grandmother calling me Erin Doll when I was child birthed Brooklyndolly years ago as my email and it just stuck and I saw so much that could revolve around it. The other thing that I'm hugely inspired by is travel. I call my trips magic carpet rides! The journey is always an adventure and when I return to my norm I come back with my mind amplified barely able to keep the ideas in my head...so I take to pen, paper and lately my ipad to scribble out the madness.

O.C.O: What advice would you give to any creative person looking to start his or her own business?

E:  I felt like I had to be safe even though I was rebellious. So with that being said, I would find people that inspire you and are doing like things.  Also, someone that’s been maybe at it for a sec. I love being able to mentor the youth...to push them to think out of the box and not be afraid of their talents. To explore...especially in their youth BUT that it never to late to re-invent yourself...that’s been my motto lately.

Great advice to end 2014 with Erin, coming from a year of change myself. It is never to late to re-invent yourself!

For my NYC readers! You can purchase cards from Brooklyndolly from: Martines Dream located at 681 Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn.  For you Esty lovers, I suggest you follow Brooklyndolly, as Erin mentioned, there is much more in store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/brooklyndolly