The 7/11 on Comic Strip Leggings

Hey everyone!

Unless you have been under a rock and not online (which would be weird if you are reading my blog post now) then you heard Beyonce released her latest video 7/11.  In true "Breaking The Internet" form it was unexpected as the video is in a hotel room, where sexy briefs, fur coats, a Blue Ivy cameo, and red plastic cups ran rapid. What caught my eye was the playboy/comic strip outfit Bey wore, of course it would caught my eye with my love for comics:

Could Bey make comic strip leggings a THING? With the positive reaction the video has received so far from high end magazines like Elle to gossip magazines, I say yes. Why not, 2014 is coming to a close it is time to spend the last month to celebrate the highs, the lows and the start of a new. Maybe that was too deep for some readers, but I love the "not taking myself so seriously" attitude of this video.

I have searched all over to bring the best of the best to replicate the comic strip look in 7/11, enjoy!

Playboy Sweatshirt-Joyrich

What is great about this outfit is the fact there are so many legging options to choose from: 



Comic Graffiti Leggings  

That is the 7/11 on comic leggings! You can go multi-colored or go for a more black and white look. Either way you'll be a BOSS at the next pajama party!