Hello 2015

Hey guys!

2014 is coming to an end in a few hours! I'm home battling the plague, lol I'm feeling better day by day but thought it would be best to sit tonight out so I won't infect other party goers. Extremely grateful it's not the FLU!  Ironically, even though I am home, eating Thai food and watching an Law & Order SVU marathon, I feel way more at ease/excited going to the new year then I did last year. Last year, I was at a party downtown, it was fun, but I remember not feeling very good about a few things happening at the time.  I am grateful for the lessons I learned in 2014: have faith, trust, believe, and knowing when to walk away.  I'm walking into 2015 stronger, wiser, and truer (to both myself and people around me) than I was a year ago. I'm really stocked about that! Think about it you're not evolving and changing, you're not really in the arena.  

One goal for 2015 is for me is to practice forgiveness and take more time for myself. Hmm, maybe this being sick thing and spending time alone tonight is indirectly helping me with my goal?! Maybe that is too deep, ha! 

Anyway, I babbled on long enough. I wish all my readers, friend's and family, a happy, safe, and prosperous new year. Thank you for the love and support you gave me in 2014! See you in 2015!