100 Happy Days!

A few friend's of mine have been along with the hashtag #100happydays for the past few months now. 

I didn’t give it much thought but then I read this post on the 100 days of happiness challenge on The Daily Mail, I realized that this is something I should try. On social media it's can be very easy to vent, I know I done it so many times when I shouldn't.

The 100 days of happiness challenge is where you post a photo each day on social media (or email it to the organizers if you want to keep it private) of something that makes you happy. It can be so simple as a cup of coffee, going out for a walk, watching a favorite so on TV, or laughing at a joke a friend mentioned.

Sounds simple enough right? Apparently not, more than 70% of people who start the challenge don't complete it. That's sad since posting on social media has become second nature to some. 

If you do complete the challenge then it has a number of benefits.  You start to reflect on what makes you happy and are more grateful for the ‘simple’ things in life.  Sharing what makes you happy is meant to boost your mood.

Today my niece Akua was over, we ordered brunch, she made mimosas and we watched the World Cup.  During that time she pimped out this Tshirt for me this is my day one of the 100 days challenge, thanks Akua:

For more information check out  100 days challenge and join me!