App Applause

Hi guys!

I have been addicted to two game changing apps the past few weeks that I wanted to share with all of you. They are game changers for beauty errands and for the way you shop!

Two weeks ago while looking through my instagram feed, I noticed a lot of brands and fellow bloggers talking about Spring.  If you haven't heard about Spring by now you will by the middle of Fall!  Spring streams a continuing unisex feed of Instagram-like photos from brands that you select to follow such as: Rachel Pally, Pierre Hardy, Alice + Olivia, Warby Parker, and Illesteva. The first photo that you’ll see is one of those blog-worthy pics, but with one swipe the picture and you’ll see multiple photos of the product, just like you would see if you were shopping online! At the bottom, you have the option to like the photo (and save it for later), share it with friends (via text, social media, and email), and of course buy! The app also includes curated selects from influencers, the Zoe Report, and members of the CFDA.

I tried the app out purchasing this staple from Everlane. Having to work in public relations in other industries besides fashion, has made me re-look at my closet and to my surprise, I didn't have a white button up cotton shirt! GASP! WTF! Crazy right? I have a silk one not a cotton one lol.


I am so looking forward to using this app in the upcoming future! Download Spring and see for yourself: GETSPRING.

Ever wish you can kill two birds with one stone at times when setting beauty appointments? You have to meet a friend at Bryant Park but need to get your nails done.  Eyebrows need to get done but you need to wait for a package at home? Have a hot date and don't want to fuss with doing your make up? Want to get in shape but have a late night in the office, leaving no time for the gym?  How about if I tell you that a manicurist, a make up artist, and a personal trainer can come to you anywhere: a public park, your home or office.  This is all possible with the PRIV app!

                                                                                                 Priv team hard at work!

                                                                                                 Priv team hard at work!

Available professionals are ranked into tiers of 1, 2, and 3 based on their credentials and experience level. Prices also include tip:  $25 for a manicure, $60 for make up application and $160 for group fitness training and $200 for mink lash extensions. 

Simply submit your credit card information to the Priv app, select your preferred time, and available professionals in your area will pop up as search results. Simple right! 

I had the chance to try the app last week, I got a manicure and a touch up on my eyebrows! No complaints here, I will definitely use again when I am in a crunch!

                                                                                                  My mani thanks to Priv!

                                                                                                  My mani thanks to Priv!

Give Priv a try, you won't be disappointed: GO PRIV.

LOL in between checking social media updates add SPRING to the routine! If you are in a crunch for time with all the time you put into updating your social media pages (haha) but forgot you need to get your eyebrows done before a big event, use PRIV to get you out of the jam!