Shaking things up: Vega One Review

Hi Everyone!

A new week, a new year, and..drum roll please: A NEW REVIEW! Today I am reviewing Vega One all-in-one Nutritional Shake.  I received some samples from Vega One in December (thanks Trevor) and have been adding them to my morning routine.

Before I begin, you guys are probably saying “great another protein shake review”.  That is true, but Vega One is different as it is 100% vegan and there are no allergens.   There is also no sugar added and contains 50% of your daily intake of vitamins and minerals!  The new Vega One also includes, 2 x more greens then previous formulas.  I am working on my green intake so this was a godsend for me. Vega One is plant based and delivers all of the needed nutrition to help your body perform and function at its best level.

After taking a closer look at Vega One and how it compares to other shake that I have had in the past (ex GNC Meal Replacement) I’ve decided that it’s an impressive product and is a good choice for people who are looking for something that includes protein, greens, and other nutrients.  The shakes taste great as you didn’t get a milky after taste.  Initially, I tried the French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate flavor just adding water.  Vanilla Chai was my fav, if you are looking for a quick nutritious drink by just adding water at work or on a road trip.  Prices for the Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake, range from $3.99-$69.99.

photo 4 (1).JPG

After a few days I decided to try out the many recipes on Vega One’s site:

Banana Strawberry Smoothie

I took Vega One first thing in the morning, I made it a point to do a few hours before evening having coffee (which is major for me to do). I felt GREAT! I wasn’t feeling an ounce of hunger, I had more energy to pow wow through work emails!  This was major for me as I am not a morning person at all.  Mixing the shake was very easy with the Vega One shaker also included, there wasn’t any chunks to post-mix after. 

I think products like Vega One will help people stick to their resolutions of having a healthier lifestyle this 2015.  The Vega One All-In-One Nutritional shake not only gives the protein people look for but so much more nutritional value then your typical protein shake.  For more information on Vega One and it’s products, you can visit their website.