Hello Peeps


I have been pretty busy with work and school that blogging took a major back seat. I actually am trying to figure out how to redo the blog. Yes, it will be about fashion and geekery, but the past few months have been game changing for me. I've started new things...ended a few things/relationships. Basically clearing out dead weight.

In the midst of this, the purpose of my blog kind of got lost, hence the hiatus. I don't want to put content that I don't believe in, it's not fair to my readers or myself. 

Looking back, I think really started my blog for attention and approval. Yes of course all bloggers in some way that is why they do it. But I think I needed validation that what I did and wore was "great" from the outside world. I find myself even taking less selfies, I look great but more importantly I feel great on the inside :) I have come to the realization have grown in the past year that I no longer need the validation (go me!) that my blog once gave me. I still love fashion and shooting don't get me wrong but there isn't a need to rush to do an outfit post when there are other things taking up my time.  


To revamp the blog am going to try a few things over the next few weeks (short story coming in a few). I am going to experiment a lot, so bear with me on this new journey.

Hope everyone is having a great December so far!